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(e) Dinnerware and Sets

While it is possible to purchase individual pieces, dinnerware is usually made to order (i.e. two to twelve place settings per set).  For the purposes of cost comparison, I have a standard dinner set, but this does not mean that your dinner set need be limited to these pieces.  Everyone has their own idea– you might want a three piece or a formal seven piece place setting.  All the details will be discussed and agreed upon in writing.

Wedding couples are welcome to register with me and refer their guests to a dinnerware list.

For those of you who do not want full dinner sets there are ‘Mini-dinner’ place settings that consist of a small plate (20cm), a bowl and a cup. For children under the age of five,   ‘Miniature Mini-dinner’ place settings are the same pieces, but child-sized (i.e. plate, 14cm).  These are popular gifts for birthdays, baptisms, etc.

One Response to “(e) Dinnerware and Sets”

  1. Debra Kapellakis

    These lovely sets would make dinner look even better! 🙂


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