(c) Platters

Decorative/Serving Platters:  Multiple shapes are available (round, oval, leaf cut, puzzle cut and caldera.  See ‘My Technique’ <link> for more details) with general diameter averaging 40cm. The platters begin as 5 kilo mass of clay, though they are lighter after being fired. Glazed and painted by hand.

I can’t say it enough, but I LOVE making platters.  I love that they can be placed on a table and used as a decorative piece or they can be a vessel for large quantities of food.  Below you will see a varied selection of platters.


NEW: Here are pics of some of the platters that I made during 2012 season:

IMG_1430 IMG_1433 IMG_1435 IMG_1462 IMG_1464 IMG_1701 IMG_2204


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