4) Placing an Order

Ordering is best done through e-mail.  All of your details, your order and our agreement will be in writing. To assist in the process of ordering, you can:

-choose a photograph of a piece you like
-you can choose a form and tell me which motif or colours you would
like on that piece.
I will always confirm your order with you and send photographs, if possible, to make sure that I am certain of the piece (or pieces) you have requested.

In person- cash & credit card.
Online – Paypal
Western Union wire transfer
Direct deposit to the store’s account
Please consult this document for specifics <insert link>.

Shipping costs are not included in the price of the items and is a cost paid for by the client.
1) I send my ceramics (up to 20kg) using the regular postal service here in Greece. To estimate prices, please consult this  electronic document from the post office that sets out their prices per kilo.

2) For dinner sets or very large orders, I have a wooden crate made, paid for by the client I use a private shipping service for safety and careful handling.

3) Final shipping costs will be sent to you after I have been to the post office, or the private shipping company and have had the parcel weighed and priced.

If a piece arrives broken my policy is as follows:  You need to send me a photograph of the broken piece, I will then remake the piece, at no cost to you, but you will have to pay for the reshipping of that piece.  In the last ten years this has only been an issue on a handful of occasions.

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