(e) Disclaimer

I don’t like the idea of writing a disclaimer but ought to clarify a few issues:

1)  Pieces ordered based on this blog’s website photographs will not be 100% identical.  I am human, not machine, and therefore, the chance of me reproducing the exact same piece over and over again is nil.  Nevertheless, I do make the point of weighing my clay into balls before I get started.  For example, Mega Mugs begin as 500gr balls.  Now whether one mug is a little taller and narrower than another does not really bother me.  If anything, I feel that it adds to the appeal of handcrafted items.

2) Colours are rendered according to your computer’s graphic card.  In real life, my slips and glazes are vibrant and gorgeous but may differ slightly from your particular screen display.

3) Receiving your shipped order: for gift items or other deadline custom work I do advise a 30 day turnaround to account for worldwide ship time differences, especially if your piece needs to arrive by a specified date.  In general, your piece is made and sent from Santorini within fifteen business days.

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