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(b) Bowls

New: Bowls, bowls, bowls, are so useful and fun to make.  What can possibly be better than creating a form that has multiple uses: for food, a personal favourite of mine, soup, salad, ice cream; they can be water-filled with floating flowers; Here are some of the bowls that I made in the last year.

Here are some of the 1kg bowls with 3 different shapes.

IMG_1727 IMG_1722 IMG_1720





I also made some of my larger, deep bowl almost platter-like shapes that are wonderful for serving large amounts of food and goodies, but can also second as a beautiful centre piece on any table.  The 3rd photograph shows a new 2012 motif called Poppy.  The 5th photo is a reintroduction, after a few years, of my most time-consuming motif called Bamboo.

pink baby eye candy salad bowl IMG_2310 IMG_2210 IMG_2150 IMG_1704 IMG_1432 deep bowl












As I live on a volcanic island, I came up with the idea of creating a series of bowls that i called simply lava bowls. They are both fully functional, but also make a great looking centre piece!

volcano bowl





2012 also brought me ideas on a decorative bowl called ‘Sea Scapes’. I only made two of these last year, but have an order for anther 3! Very exciting! These are photos of one of the two I had made last year.  Each one is totally unique.

IMG_2236 IMG_2225 IMG_2224






2 Responses to “(b) Bowls”

  1. Debbie Welland

    I love the eye candy pattern. The bowls that I own are so useful. In fact they are used everyday for something! Keep up the good work.


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